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Villas/apartment’s maintenance
Relax-Algarve offers complete maintenance contracts for appartments, small and large villas as well as complete multi-site resorts. Details are details...

In particular these maintenance contracts include :
. Verification of all electric equipment´s
. Cleaning drains and gutters
. Verification the state of the alarm system
. Checking the Video Door entry system
. Verification of the functioning of the gates and all their systems
. Checking the operation of the entire hot water system
. Verification of operation of the entire Avac system
. Checking the functioning of all housing lighting
. Checking and detecting problems with reporting to the owner
. Cleaning nest nests of birds on the walls and all the places of the house
. Refinement of glass doors and all restraints of showers and bathtubs
. Verification and adjustment of all interior wooden doors
. Verification and adjustment of all furniture doors (Wc's, kitchen, wardrobes)
. Check and adjust all the taps of the house
. Verification; cleaning and adjustment of blinds
. Verification and adjustment all the aluminum doors and windows
. Making small arrangements (paintings, walls, humidity’s, woods)
. Realization of monthly water and power counts - with information to the client for possible fault detection)

Arrival of the owner to the house:
. Preparation the house with all equipment working
. Put all equipment working as requested by clients
. Support to clients in all kinds of situations during their stay
Handyman work´s

Do all kinds of work for you. This work´s will be done quickly, competently and clean. There is almost nothing that we cannot do for you.

Do not carry your problems and projects with you. Professional´s in terms of remodeling, renovations, repairs of all kinds and versatile assembly work.

Our experience and field of work are complex and very diverse.

From light bulbs to pool decks, wall paintings to plumbing, from small electricity fixes to outside repairs – we do it all !!!

Examples of work´s:
. Electricity - You can trust us – we install small electrical lines and fix – if possible – equipment. If we need more specialized help, we organize it for you.
. Plumbing – Especially small plumbing problems water leeks and these little annoying problems we fix
. Installations – If you have a ceiling vent, a office desk, a wall closet or any other things to install we help or do it ourselves for you.
. Leaks and closes pipes – Nor a pleasant work – but we do it for you
. Painting small areas – a damaged wall, an old painting, a small point of humidity, all those details of painting that spoil the image of your property, we repair ourselves
. Carpentry - A door to scratch on the floor, does not close properly, a window to tune, kitchen furniture that needs to be tuned ... Relax … we fix it

Project Manager

Anything that has a start and a finish, resulting in a product, is a project and requires the oversight and leadership of a project manager.

The Project Manager manages key client projects. Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope.

Oversee all aspects of projects. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project. Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of project.

Work directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. Coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of each project are compatible to fulfill client needs.

Special projects
A good general maintenance of your property may not be enough, there are always special maintenance jobs that require a treatment and accompaniment that only Relax-Algarve can give you on time, on budget on agreed specifications.

Accompaniment of work´s with reports to the client; analyze and request proposals for works from external entities; verification the quality of the work performed by external entities, analyze problems and propose solutions, organize, carry out.

We work. You relax.

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E-mail: info@relax-algarve.com

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